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Boiler Installation in St Helens

During winter months, your boiler will work harder to make sure every room in the home is warm and maintains an optimum temperature. However, if your boiler isn’t operating to its full capacity, then you could be faced with a winter that’s much colder than usual.


At Heatcare, we have a wealth of experience in installing boilers in St Helens and the surrounding areas. That’s why we’re well-placed to advise you on how to keep your boiler in good working condition year-round, and to install a new boiler if you need it.


Due to falling temperatures in the wintertime, coupled with being switched off for most of the summer months, extra thermal pressure can be placed on your boiler and heating system.


There are simple steps you can take to ensure that your boiler is working efficiently:


  • Insulate pipes
  • Check/bleed radiators
  • Check boiler pressure
  • Check for any faults with the thermostat
  • Clean your boiler
  • Buy a carbon dioxide alarm – a must when it comes to safety


You can also test your heating prior to the winter, by setting a timer and seeing if it comes on without any issue, just to make sure it is in a good state ready for winter. If your boiler is giving you any cause for doubt, then you will need to get your boiler checked. Should you need a new boiler in St Helens, you can contact Heatcare, and one of our qualified gas-safe registered engineers will be on hand to install a new one.


A combi-boiler is definitely the most efficient and cost-effective boiler for the winter months, but even these can be affected by particularly cold weather. The condensate pipe from a combi-boiler, used to expel moisture created in the heating system, runs outside your property, and any standing water within the pipe can freeze, causing your boiler to completely stop working.


The condensate pipe will need to be defrosted thoroughly for it to work again, which can be done gently with external heat. That’s why it’s extremely important to pick the right boiler for you. It’s never been easier to have a boiler installed in your home, which can be done with minimum disruption.


Here at Heatcare, we can help with installing boilers in St Helens. All you need to do is tell us about your home by answering a few simple questions. We will help you to choose the kind of boiler that’s best for you, based on your budget and requirements, and then we will book one of our Heatcare engineers to come and install your new boiler.


We install more than 1500 new boilers every year and have an excellent reputation in the installation of boilers, aiming to deliver 100% customer satisfaction. We also offer fully fixed prices, with a 10-year manufacturing warranty, pay half now, half later, and free expert installation for boilers in St Helens.


We can even fit thermostatic radiator values so you can regulate the temperature in each individual room, not heating the rooms you use the least compared to the rest of the house. You will also benefit from a warranty, which will come direct from the manufacturer.


Contact us today for peace of mind for you and your family’s safety this winter, on 0800 999 1058.

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